What is Rhinomodelation?

Rhinomodeling is a medical treatment of a non-invasive aesthetic nature, which is carried out to shape the bumps or deformities that the patient’s nose may have.

For its realization, micro injections with Hyaluronic Acid or Calcium Hydroxyapatite can be applied, two types of resorbable fillers, which are currently the most used on the market and recommended by medical experts in aesthetic treatments.

The main objective of this intervention is to make the patient’s nose look more refined and straight, and for this to be possible, it is always necessary to make a detailed study of the needs that each person presents in order to harmonize their face according to the natural shape of the face. his nose.

To carry out this treatment, no type of surgery is necessary, nor is a long recovery necessary, everything is done in the same day and the results are seen almost immediately.

But for this same reason, it will not be recommended to those patients who try to reduce their bone structure or who have very prominent nasal imperfections, because as it is a molding technique based on filler, it would not have very effective results, although there would be a noticeable cosmetic improvement.

What is the specific procedure of Rhinomodelation?:

  • As we have mentioned before, this is a very simple, effective aesthetic treatment with instant results.

    Its duration will vary between fifteen minutes and half an hour depending on each patient. It does not require any type of hospitalization nor will it incapacitate the patient to carry out their normal life after treatment.

    The process for which you must be prepared if you decide to carry out this treatment is the following:

    • Study of the needs of the patient: specific study of the patient’s facial physiognomy, through which it will be possible to know what are the needs that he presents to achieve that his nose is in harmony with the rest of his face. It will also specify what type of padding is best for each person according to the objectives they have and the duration they want. In addition, this study will reveal the key points of the patient’s nose, which will be injected with the chosen filler.
    • Anesthetic cream: at the beginning of the treatment, anesthesia will be applied to the patient by means of a cream. The most common in terms of this anesthesia is that you have a sensation of cold similar to that produced by mint and, after a couple of minutes, you will have a feeling of numbness of the skin, until the sensitivity of the area to be treated is completely lost.
    • Local anesthesia at key points: this is not a step that is carried out in the procedures of all patients, but contrary to this, it is applied or not depending on the patient’s comfort, the type of intervention to be performed and the opinion of each professional. . When it is done, it is waited until the first anesthetic has taken effect, and then it is injected using a very thin syringe. local anesthesia in the specific points of the nose in which the procedure will be worked. Although this type of anesthesia can make the patient less sensitive to procedure, its effect takes time to disappear, so it can become annoying for the patient in the 48 hours after the procedure.
    • Filling application: After having chosen the type of filler to inject into the patient and having anesthetized the area to be treated, we will proceed to inject either hyaluronic acid or Calcium Hydroxyapatite, by means of micro syringes in the key points of the nose previously studied by the professional in charge of the procedure. The patient may feel some discomfort and strangeness in the nose during the penetration of the liquid, but it does not have to be painful.
    • Molding of the nose: more than being one more step, it is a complementary step to the previous one. The professional in charge will mold the shape of the nose with gentle movements as the liquid is injected. In addition to this, we will also notice special attention from the doctor during treatment, in order to avoid respiratory discomfort for the patient.

What care should be taken after a Rhinomodelation?

Although after this treatment we will not specifically go through a postoperative period, there are some precautions that we should take into account at least during the first week after the procedure, including:

  • We must not use significant physical efforts such as: excessive weight lifting, an extreme exercise routine, water sports, among others, during the first 48 hours.
  • We will try to sleep on your back the first night, to avoid blows that may cause discomfort or irritation to the areas that we have treated in the procedure.
  • We also advise avoiding the use of lenses for the first 48 hours after treatment. This is so that it does not interfere with the shape that has been given to the nose through the filling, which can take time to harden according to each patient.
  • Do not expose yourself to high temperatures during the first 48 hours (saunas, hot showers, Turkish baths…)
  • Have a very good care of the skin before the sun, always applying a good sunscreen, and avoiding direct contact of the sun with the skin.
  • Moisturize very well, as this will also help define the time that the treatment will last in our body. A greater hydration will mean a longer duration of the filling in our nose.